1. Please don’t place it in following place

1) nearby strong vibration

2) in the dusty play

2. Please do not touch it movement.

3. Please don’t clean it case by using paint thinner or other chemical materials.
Neuter soap or cleanser as cleaning liquid is recommendable.

Silent, Lightweight fashion, Push-button, Can be up and down, USB plug


Special notification

1. Please be placed beyond children’s reach.

2. In the event of fire, smoke or strong smell when using the product. Please turn off the power immediately, and disconnect the plug. Call the retailer for after-sales services.

3. Please do not disintegrate or modify this product.

4. Do not touch this product with wet hands.

5. Do not clean this product with water.

6. Do not pour any kind of liquid or metal into the fan.

7. No brute force or strike.

8. Avoid moisture, direct sunlight, high temperature, and smoke. Do not put in car, heated room and other rooms with high temperature.

9. No heavy weight on this product or its cable.

10. Put this product in stable site.

11. Unplug this product by grabbing the pin, not the wire.

12. Do not put this product near any volatile organic solvents such as gasoline and diluents.

13. If this product will not be used for a long time, unplug it from the socket or the USB plug.

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