Baking Paper


Both sides are usable Excellent when heating food in the oven or microwave.


Your cooking (ingredients) and cakes will lift off easily, making them look more attractive.

It is impermeable to oil and juice – keeping baking trays and tableware cleaner, and making tiding-uo afterwards easier.

It allows just enough steam through in steam cooking to prevent the food from getting too moist, resulting in a soft and fluffy finish.

It can also be used as a drop-lid for simmering.

Caution :

Never use on open flames, at temperatures over 250 (482) or at 250(482) for longer than 20 minutes.

Depending upon the cooking time and conditions, the paper may begin smoke, or may even catch fire.

The paper may catch fire if it contacts with the heat source.

The paper may catch fire if coated with oil.

Storage instruction

Do not place near sources of heat, e.g. gas range oven, etc.

Do not store with strong-smelling food, or other strong goods such as insect repellents or insecticides, perfumes, cosmetics, soap or detergents.

Materials: Silicon-treated greaseproof paper

Size (inches): approx. 9.8 x 157

Upper Temperature Limit: 250 / 482 (20 minutes)


Produce for DAISO JAPAN

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