CRS User Instruction


CRS User Instruction

1. Please insert the bankcard into the card slot and follow the introduction on the screen.

2. This CRS only accepts deposit with bankcards issued by CEB.

3. CEB ATM allows a maximum cash withdrawal of RMB5,000 per time with any CEB bankcard.
Any CEB debit card allows up to seven cash withdrawals at ATMs per day with a daily withdrawal limit of RMB20,000.
The daily maximum amount and maximum times allowed for cash withdrawals with other bankcards depend on policies of each issuance bank.

4. Please keep your bankcard and password safely. Please take away your cash and bankcard promptly after each transaction.

5. If the bankcard or cash were swallowed by the ATM or any other servicd is needed, please call CEB customer service hotline:95595.

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