Steaming and Foaming Milk


Always use cold milk and a clean steel pitcher so you can feel the milk’s temperature. Fill it up to 2/3 full for steaming.

1/3 full for foaming (the milk will nearly triple in volume).

Make sure your espresso machine is in the “steaming” mode and ready to go. Open the steam valve for a second to clear any condensed water.

Raise pitcher to submerge steam jet, then open steam valve fully.

Lower pitcher slowly, keeping the tip of the jet barely under the surface.

To heat milk without foaming, bury the nozzle near the pitcher’s bot-tom, and be careful not to scald the milk.

Shut off steam valve once the ideal temperature has been reached then remove pitcher.

The temperature should be approximately 66-76℃ for steamed milk(the pitcher will become too hot to touch for more than a second) and a few degrees cooler for foamed milk, due to the air it has incorporated.

After every use, open the valve for a second or two to clear any milk remaining in the jet.
This will prevent milk from entering the boiler, causing serious maintenance problems.
Be sure to wipe the steam jet with a damp cloth.

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