Tianling PC CAMERA

Main Function

1. Can regard telephone

Through internet or local area network, dispatch video mail, hold video meeting and relaxed realization can regard cinversation, is genuine free telephone, save money and time for you.

2. Digital camera

Join computer can with the digitalcamera of standard as take pictures appreciate immediately to shoot connection, produce MTV and the exquisite electronic photo album of effect and produce printer can directly print export photograph.

3. Number camcorder

Join computer can shoot record picture, also sound shadow synchronism, take record content preservation in computer hard disc on, use the Radom software attracted that sends can carry out image editor.

4. It is near to be away from to take pictures

It is tiny to be away from to take a photography if you want to shoot the object of Xiao De only trimming take the tune burnt knob on head can satisfy your requirement.

5. Computer eye guard

Long-range / intelligent monitoring, can catch static or dynamic an image, can be also high timing and automatic to record picture.

6. VQQ sustains

Each kind of support regards message software to have infinite development.

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