Don Don Japan-Styled Noodle (Udon)

COOKING INSTRCUTION 1. FRIED NOODLES Fry one package of DON DON Udon with a teaspoon of oil. Flavour with soy sauce(or oyster sauce), sesame oil, pepper, etc, to taste. For additional flavour, add favourite meat and vegetables. 2. NOODLES WITH SOUP Add DON DON Udon to 500ml (18oz.) of boiling water. Cook for 3 minutes. […]

Japan-Styled Noodle (Udon)

Don Don Japan-Styled Noodle (Udon) (FDA) FCE NO> 14342 EMAIL: Ingredients: Water, Wheat Flour(Wheat), Starch, Salt, Food additives(Sodium alginate) Allergen:This product contains Wheat & Its relevant products. Net Weight: 200g X 4 packs Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight & strong light. nuitrition information Items per 100g NRV% energy protein […]