LOTTE Strawberry Pie

LOTTE Product: STRAWBERRY PIE Shortening White soft sugar Malt syrup Strawberry-raspberry jam Food Activities ( Humectant) Emulsifying agents Acidity regulator white granulated Sugar Palm Oil Whole milk powder Honey Isomaltooligosaccharide Flavoring agents Edible salt Brandy Edible alcohol Date of minimum durability: One year from the date of manufacture Date of manufacture: Shown on package Manufactured by: […]

LOTTE Cocoa Bouchee (Cappuccino)

LOTTE NO TRANS FAT Product: Cocoa Bouchee (Cappuccino) Ingredients: Wheat flour Egg White soft sugar Shortening White granulated Sugar Food Activities ( Humectant (420ii)) Emulsifying agents (471, 1520, 491, 473, 477, 475, 322, 494) Leavening agents (500ii)) Cocoa powder Refined hydrogenated vegetable oil Palm oil Whole milk powder Lactose Honey Instant Coffee Isomaltooligosaccharide Flavoring agents Edible […]

LOTTE Dream Pie

LOTTE NO TRANS FAT Product: Dreamy Pie Ingredients: Shortening Wheat flour Sugar Malt syrup Cocoa powder Food Activities ( Humectant (420ii)) Emulsifying agents (503ii, 500ii) Egg Cocoa mass Whole milk powder Lactose Vegetable cream powder (Glucose syrup, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Food additives (Stabklizer(340ii, 331ii, 452i). Emulsifying agents (471, 472e) Anticaking agent (551)) Casein (contain milk protein)) […]