Meixi Torii

The Meixi Torii is located at the center of Chen’s Garden. Now, there are three stone archways left, they were built in 1886 and 1891 with special permission of Guangxu Emperor in honor of Chen Fang and his families. The torii is built from granite. It combines the architectural art of the west and east […]

Welcome To Meixi Torri

Welcome To Meixi Torri Meixi Torii – close to Zhuhai’s big gate of an old-style Area survey The Meixi Torii (Stone Archways) is located at Meixi Village in Qianshan town, Zhuhai City. It occupies a area of 126,000 square meters, including the first Chinese consul to Hawaii by the end of Qing Dynasty, the overseas […]