Opal Moisturizing Cream Bath

Opal Moisturizing Cream Bath Opal A HALLMARK OF MODERN BEAUTY contains lanolin, milk, honey, wheat protein, glycerol and other moisturizing ingredients, provide skin with adequate nourishment. NaPCA, a natural essence, moisturizing the skin deeply, and make skin full of elasticity and luster. Weak and formula, effectively clean the skin, protecting the sebum membrane and prevent […]


Opal MOISTURIZING SHOWER FOAM NaPCA Aloe Extract Hydrolyzed Collagen FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Opal Moisturizing shower Foam containing multiple moisturizing and cleaning ingredients like aloe extract, NaPCA and hydrolyzed collagen, it is a refreshingly pleasant shower gel to deep cleanse the skin. Used for all seasons, it can moisturize dehydrated, dry skin to keep the […]