Cooking Directions of Buckwheat Rarmen

Cooking Directions: Serve for 2 Put noodles cake into boiling water 2. Stir it well with chopsticks cook for about 3-4 minutes. 3. Remae the noodles from the post, run cold water over the noodles and drain away. 4. Add with soup base and ready to serve Cooking Tips: 1. Sufficient water is prepared, Noodle […]

Buckwheat Ramen

SAU TAO NON-FRIED LIVELY NOODLE Buckwheat Rarmen 8 Pieces Non-fried Net Wt.: 340g (12 oz) Top Health is important Ingredients: Wheat flour, Buckwheat flour, Salt, Water This product contains: wheat Nutrition Facts Serving Sizd Serving Per Container Items Per 42.5g NRV% Energy KJ Calories kcal Protein g Fat g Saturated Fat g Cholesterol mg Carbohydrate […]