Eyebrow Razor Caution

The Green Party eyebrow razor User Guidance: 1. Warm up th eyebrow with hot and wet towel is recommended. 2. Comb eyebrow along its natural direction. 3. Follow the eyebrow shap you wanted andshave extra eyebrow out of frame. 4. Apply some face toner around afterwards. Caution: 1. Do not use facial mask within 12 […]

The Green Party

Eyebrow razor The Green Party Produc Name: Eyebrow Razor (set of 3) Material: Stainless Steel + ABS Made in China Product Features: 1. Completly get rid of extra eyebrow. 2. Blade made of finest stainless steel with safety cover. 3. Multi-function and wide use. ZHEJIANG KAIPAN TRADING CO., LTD. ROOM 608, QIANJIANG INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CENTER, […]