pepsi in KFC

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KFC coffee

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L‘OREAL PARIS Re-lighting Whitening

L’OREAL Re-lighting Whitening DAY + NIGHT DERMO EXPERTISE TRAVEL COLLECTION L‘OREAL PARIS Brown spots and darkening robs your skin of brightness, as if the light had been switched off. Switch the light on with this exclusive duo to re-lighten your skin for a fair and radiant complexion! WHITE PERFECT DUO contains: DAY CREAM SPF 15 […]

Museum of Hu Qing Yu Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Drugstore

Hu Qing Yu Tang Drugstore of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a courtyard -style drugstore founded in the 13th year of Tongzhi (1874) by Hu Xueyan, a Qing Dynasty merchant with an official title. Hu Qing Yu Tang Drugstore in the south and Tong Ren Tang Drugstore in the north are the two most famous drugstores […]

Zhejiang Natural History Museum

It is the only museum in Zhejiang which specializes in collection, research, exhibition and education on flora and fauna, ancient living forms and rock specimens. Formerly the Natural Division of Zhejiang Museum before 1984, it now displays over 110,000 exhibits, which are divided into eight subjects, including dinosaurs, sea animals, ancient living forms, and flora […]

mingying Clear Book

Happy office Heavy quality, honest and trustworthy, a famous brand. Quality is the life of an enterprise, and credit is pillar of success. A specialist in management of office works Let your complex work into a simple and orderly, the work into a simple pleasure! Strive to give the best product back to the community. […]

Chen Fang’s former residence

Chen Fang’s former residence Chen Fang was born in 1825 in Meixi Village, Zhuhai. Later he became a millionaire and was labeled “merchant prince of the sandalwood mountains”. In Hawaii he married the Hawaiian king’s nominal sister Julia in 1857 and was soon elected to the member of the privacy of Hawaiian Kingdom. He was […]

To brew the perfect cup

To brew the perfect cup Water: Always use freshly boiled spring or filtered water, allowed to cool briefly to 90 – 96° Celsius. Grind: Freshly grind your coffee using the below guide, immediately before brewing for maximum flavor. Coarse: French Press Medium: Cone or Flat Filter Fine: Espresso Dose: No matter how much coffee you […]