Graceful Tonglu – Fuchun Landscape


“On the end of Qiantang River is Tonglu, and the blue green landscape is picturesque.”

Set up in A.D. 225, Tonglu is judged as one of the 100 best counties of China and it is under Hangzhou government.

As a bight pearl on the golden tour route: the West Lake – Fuchun River – Xin’an River – Thousand Isles Lake – Mount Huangshan, Tonglu is considered as an international garden country and one of the best relaxing tour county.

With superior condition and convenient traffic, Tonglu was within the four-hour traffic circle in Changjiang River Delta.

Besides, tonglu is abundant in tourism, such as Yaolin Fairyland which is one of the Forty Famous Scenic Spots of China, Hermit Yan’s Fishing Terrace which is a historic site of East Han Dynasty, the Red Lantern Home Village which is a good leisure place, the Holy Land of Pharmacological Originator – Tongjun Hill, Daqi Mountain National Forest Park which is a summer resort, the Bamboo Rafting on the Tianmu Steam, the new beautiful scene on the Fuchun River is Longmen Bay of South China.

Tonglu is a good choice to spend your holiday.

Enjoy the landscape, seek the ancient site and make the experience of the rural life!

When we talk about beautiful landscapes, the Fuchun landscape is commended all the time.

Welcom to the beautiful and graceful Tonglu!

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