“Seven In One” Functions

Severn In One Functions 1. Peeler for fruits * Vegetables. 2. Remover for fruit hollow surface skin & putridity 3. Plane Silk 4. Opener for bottles 5. Easy to find. “The center magnet is used for absorbing it on refrigerator surface, so as to find it easily. 6. Knife Sharpener 7. Fish Scaler

Kitchen Good Helper

Severn In One Yizhou Kitchen Good Helper AS SEEN ON TV Features of Product “Seven In One” Kitchen is made by 100% high-quality ABS material and steels with the advanced technology, reasonable design and durable in use. The product has seven functions such as the peel removing and shred of fruit., vegetable and potato, dish […]

Responsibilities of Phone Manufacturer

Responsibilities of TTI We are required to provide to you under the provisions of the FCC Regulation the following informations: 1) Instructions concerning installation, operation and repair; 2) Instructions that our telephones may not be used with party lines or coin lines; 3) Instructions about disconnecting malfunctioning equipment; 4) Instructions about notifying telephone company.


ART NET Professional Paris RELAXING EYE MASK This relaxing eye mask when warmed will help to relieve tension, headaches and tired eyes. Used chilled, it will help reduce eye irritations, nasal congestion and puffiness. DIRECTIONS FOR USE COLD USE: Place the eye mask in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. DO NOT FREEZE. WARM USE: Place […]

Leifeng Pagoda

Leifeng Pagoda- Leifeng Pagoda was originally erected in 977 by Qian Hongchu, king of the Kingdom of Wu and Yue, to celebrate the birth of his son by his favorite concubine called Concubine Huang. It was later named as Leifeng Pagoda. Under the setting sun, it casts its shadow in the sky, leaving a splendid […]

Qiantang River Night Curise

Qiantang River is the largest in Zhejiang Province. As its shape looks like a Chinese character “之” (“Zhi”) in the territory of Hangzhou, it is also called “Zhi River”. It is known throughout the world for its tidal bore. Qiantang River Bridge No. 1 which was designed by Mao Yisheng and Qiantang River Bridge No. […]


Goal by 2015: 100% of our cups will be reusable or recyclable. We’re committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, tackling climate change and inspiring others to do the same. Goal by 2016, 100% of our coffee will be responsibly grown and ethically sourced. We’re committed to buying and serving the highest quality, responsibly grown and […]