Qiantang River Night Curise


Qiantang River is the largest in Zhejiang Province.

As its shape looks like a Chinese character “之” (“Zhi”) in the territory of Hangzhou, it is also called “Zhi River”.

It is known throughout the world for its tidal bore.

Qiantang River Bridge No. 1 which was designed by Mao Yisheng and Qiantang River Bridge No. 4 which is very modern with charming lights at night cross the river to create a spectacular scene.

The aroma of the river is best felt in a night cruise in the summer.

Rout: Water Bus Pier, Wulin Gate – (Go through ) Sanbao Ship Lock – Bridge No. 4 over Qiantang River (lights) – View Bridge No. 1 far away – (Return to ) Water Bus Pier, Wulin Gate

Duration: 19:15 – 22:00 (one shift a day)

Ticket time: 9:00-19:00

Ticket selling pier: Water Bus Pier, Wulin Gate

Ticket price: RMB 120 per person for upper deck, RMB 80 per person for lower deck

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