Phone Card

Phone Card Valid for use in Guangdong Province only. This card is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Please do not fold and keep it from any magnetic field. Previous brand: GPTB —— Guangdong Post and Telecommunications Administrative Bureau Present brand: GPPA —— Guangdong Provincial Postal Administration


Located in Yanyang Town Meixian District, it is the State AAAAA-class National Tourist Attraction and also the national agricultural tourism demonstration site. It surrounded by mountains, layer upon layer of tea plantations, orchard fruit flowers green trees shelter everywhere. It has beautiful scenery and an elegant environment. From here, you can enjoy authentic Hakka traditional […]

Hubin Road

Hubin Road Hubin Road is east to the West Lake. It is an international strip of top grade products in the city. Such famous international brands as Giorgio Armani, Hermes and Ferrari can be found here. Start your night tour at Hubin Road. Go to a coffee shop and stay for a little while, or […]

Warning & Caution

-Filling up products with too much drink may cause leakage. If this happens, discard some amount of drinks and close the Lid Set. (Keep the drink level as shown in the illustration) -This products is for keeping beverages hot or cold. Do not use for other purposes. – Please follow the following instructions to avoid […]

Yan’an Road

Yan’an Road is a north-south business strip in the very center of downtown Hangzhou. It is the most prosperous and bustling of the city. The north section mainly features a few large markets of garments and ornaments, such as Longxiang, Xinghe, Gonglian and Mingzhu. The south section mainly features specially stores of world-famous sports brands, […]


Located in Dama Town Dabu County, it was built in forth year of Yuanhe Tangxianzong in the Tang dynasty (AD 819), it was renamed “Wanfu Temple” in eighty year of Tianshun Mingyingzong’s reign during the Ming dynasty (AD 14640, in recent years, the Hall of Arhats, the Hall of good fortune and opportunities, the Hall […]


Located in Baihou Town Dabu County, it is china’s historical and cultural town, it is the State AAA-class National Tourist Attraction. There are 120 Hakka traditional local-style dwelling houses which were built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties have been well-preserved, the representative ancient building are Tongyidafudi, also named “Yifusanhanyuan”, the tale is a mother […]