Warning & Caution

-Filling up products with too much drink may cause leakage.

If this happens, discard some amount of drinks and close the Lid Set. (Keep the drink level as shown in the illustration)

-This products is for keeping beverages hot or cold. Do not use for other purposes.

– Please follow the following instructions to avoid scalding, deterioration and discoloration of drinks, as well as malfunction and staining of the product.

1) Keep the product away from the reach of infants: It may cause injury or scalding.

2) Be careful not to scald yourself when the product contains hot beverages:
Due to the high level thermal efficiency, the exterior of the vacuum product will not be hot even if the product contains hot beverages.

3) Do not bring goods near heat sources such as gas heaters of cooking stoves: Doing so may cause deformation or discoloration of the product.

4) Do not microwave: It may cause sparks and be dangerous. It may also cause its deformation discoloration.

5) Do not use while driving: Attempting to use while driving the car may cause serious accidents.

6) Clean products after every use: Not doing so may cause products to rust or create pinholes in it, or cause beverages to spoil.

7) Finish the drink within the day.

8) Do not fill Tumblers, water bottles or vacuum flasks with the following:

-Dry ice and carbonated drinks including water-soluble vitamin.

-Liquids containing salt such as soup or Kobu-cha.

-Dairy products and fruit juice: Leaving drinks for a long period of time may cause the drinks to spoil, create gas which increases inner pressure and the Lid may pop off or drinks may splash out causing scalds and injury.

★ Non-vacuum/single wall products do not insulate your hand from the temperature of the contents.
Hence do not put hot/cold liquids inside, you may get burned or get a frostbite.

★ Do not put any of the plastic parts, such as the cap, valve, and food container, in boiling water to cleanse, nor directly apply to fire, it may deform the product.

★ Do not leave vacuum bottle and/or thermal lunch box’s lids in water for a long time. The water may get inside the lids.

★ Let the rice cool for about 1-2 minutes before closing it. The steam pressure may cause to resist from opening.

– Do not touch the Mouth Ring or the mouth of the Products with the spout of a hot kettle: Products may tilt over causing scalds.

– After washing the Lid Set, shake a few times to release the water contained, and wipe it dry: Otherwise the remaining water may drip out.

– Do not attempt to put large ice cubes into products. Crush ice into small pieces.: It may cause deformation or damage.

-To avoid bags getting wet, always place products in an upright position

-Clean the Lid, Seal Rubber, Mouth Ring and Mouth Ring Gasket after every use.: Not doing so may cause mold to build.

-Do not drop or apply strong shocks to the product.: May cause plastic parts to break and dent the stainless steel exterior.

-do not scratch the printing on the Products with hard elements.: It may come off.

-Please close the Lid Set at upright position after finish drinking.

-Don not close the Lid Set with a tea bag inside.:The tea bag may swell and cause leakage or may cause drinks to splash out.

-Keeping hot tea warm for long hours may cause the color of the tea to change. For outdoor use, it is recommended to place hot water in the Products, and to use a tea bag immediately before drinking for a fresher brew.

-Do not put any products made of stainless steel in a refrigerator.

-Close a stopper tightly after checking whether a silicon gasket is fitted well: If not, it may leak out and cause burns or dirty your stuff.

-Do not hold lid set or a stopper only to carry and move.: Products would be dropped and cause injuries.

-Don not separate, remodel or repair products by yourself.: It may cause troubles with your goods.

-Do not place your bottle filled with beverage with precision equipment such as cameras or computers.: It it leaks, it causes malfunction of your stuff.

– Do not drink hot water straight from a vacuum flask: You would get burned.

– Close stoppers and lid let carefully and keep all accessories well after using.

-Cool thermal bottles are only for cool water. It can’t keep warm.

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