1. This THERMOS product is only designed for storing hot or cold liquid, not recommended for other usage.

2. Keep out of children’s reach when product contains hot liquid to prevent scalding.

3. Do not put this product beside the goods with high temperature to avoid being deformed, changing color or falling off paint.

4. Be caution not to overfill to prevent scalding by hot liquid.

5. Please drink gently to prevent scalding.

6. Do not put Lid/Spout into boiling water, which will lead to deformation or leak.

7. Please make sure the gaskets are in right position after cleaning, otherwise, it will lead to scald and leak.

8. Do not use abrasive cleanser, pot scourer, cleaning naphtha or bleach containing chlorine since they may scratch or dull the finish.

9. To prevent dent and maintain good thermal efficiency, do not drop or knock against hand object, which will dent and degrade vacuum thermal rentention efficiency.

10. Be caution not to fill with hot liquid inside cold liquid only product to prevent scalding.

11. Foods or soups containing salt ingredient could not be kept into THERMOS product more than 12 hours, and remember to clean the product completely after each use.

12. Do not store the following items in this THERMOS product:

1) Dry ice and carbonated beverage, it can cause pressure inside the container to build, possibly leading to the foreful ejection of the stopper or contents.

2) Sweet-sour plum juice, lemon juice or any other acid beverage as it may degrade vacuum thermal efficiency

3) Milk, dairy, fruit juice, infant foods should not be left in product for long time, they may start to spoil sooner.

13. Do not place this product in over, microwave, dish-washing machine, dish drier etc.

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