MATERIAL Inner Wall/outer Wall: 06Cr19Ni10 Stainless Steel Lid/Spout: Food Standard Qualified PP Seal Gasket: Silicon The description above is just for the basic material of all THERMOS products. For mor information, please check it on the packaging. HOW TO USE For maximum thermal efficiency, please preheat or prchill the product prior to use about 30 […]


1. This THERMOS product is only designed for storing hot or cold liquid, not recommended for other usage. 2. Keep out of children’s reach when product contains hot liquid to prevent scalding. 3. Do not put this product beside the goods with high temperature to avoid being deformed, changing color or falling off paint.


THERMOS will provide the warranty for two years of the product body part and the warranty for one year of plastic and silicone accessories from the date of purchase. The company will provide free maintenance or replacement in the quality of the warranty period (except for the event of force majeure). And the company will […]