How to use

Please read before use.Keep the instructions for future references.

How to use

1. Before use, rinse the Lid Set, Month Ring Set, and the interior of the products thoroughly with warm water.
Be sure that the Seal Rubber and the Mouth Ring Gasket are attached properly.(it may cause drinks to leak).

2. Close the Lid Set securely.

3. Preheat or precool the procucts before filling with your beverage for better heat retention.

4. Dews may form on the plastic lid, but it is a natural result created by the difference in temperature betueen the stainless steel bottle and its surrounding air.
That does not mean the bottle is damaged or has stopped working.

5. After each use, wash the bottle thoroughly with warm water. Get rid of excess water water using a piece of soft cloth or sponge and keep it in a cool, well-ventilated area.

6. Please check the thermal efficiency of your products by filling with ot water after buying, if you feel warm in your hand from a bottle, it doesn’t work well. Please go to the shop you bought to replace.

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