Ribbon Hair Clip Stripe Brown

Produced for DAISO JAPAN MADE IN CHINA Hair Accessories Hair Clip the name of an article: Ribbon Hair Clip Stripe Brown Material: pllyester, acrylonitrile butadiene, styrene plastic WARNING: When you feel any discomfort at your skin surface caused by wearing of accessories, immediately stop wearing and consult with your doctors. Please don not use your […]


  PRODUCT OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA “BAWANGHUA” Heyuan RiceStick made of rice, starch and the state Class I surface water maintains fresh rice’s flavor. It’s certain that no food additivesis add into the production procession in order to keep the product’s safe and health. For your family’s health, please identify our company’s name, […]

Stainless Nail Buffer

Produced for DAISO JAPAN MAED IN KOREA FEATURE Shiny and glossy like painting nails by clear nail p0lishing. Rub the nail by stainless side. Polishing the protruding part of nail without stimulating. Deep gloss through rubbing the nail by shiner side. Folded and Portable. Recommend the person who can’t paint nail polish due to school […]

Air Pillow for Travel

Rest time of traveling and working approx. 13.8″X9.5″X4.3″ The surface is soft and used napping material. Material / Flocking PVC 1. Pinch and hold the bottom of air valve then inflated. 2. After inflation, stuff the stopper, install the air valve inside. 3. Pinch the air valve and deflated. CAUTION Inflate excessive is the reason […]

Mleko Milk

GB UHT Milk fat content 3.2% Best before: day of minimal endurance / batch number placed at the top of package. Store in temperatures not exceeding 25 . After opening keep in cooler places for not longer than 48 hours. Product produced in Poland.