BOC Multi-Currency Credit Card

BOC Multi-Currency Credit Card offers is available at anywhere,, for example…… Enjoy your dining anywhere in Macau to enjoy up to 5X Bonus Points (No registration required, No upper limited) All kinds of dining, clothing, travelling offers are available worldwide and always stand by you Bonus Points automatically converted into cash every seasons, free travel […]


BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS PACIFIC CARD HSBC UnionPay VISA HSBC PLUS VALID THRU MONTH/YEAR Not valid unless signed Authorized Signature Credit Card hotline This credit card is the property of Bank of Communications. The cardholder shall use it in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions, agreements and rules in relation to the use of […]


INDUSTRIAL BANK CO., LTD GOLD MONTH/YEAR VALID THRU UnionPay OVERSEAS CALL: AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE NOT VALID UNLESS SIGNED This card is the property of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. It must be returned to the Bank if found of upon request. 95561

Credit Card ABC

AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA Platinum QuickPass MONTH/YEAR VALID THRU Overseas Call: NOT VALID UNLESS SIGNED AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE This card is property of Agricultural Bank of China. If found, please return to the Bank. Its use is governed by the Term’s & Conditions for Credit Card of the Bank and the Contract with the card-holder.