UA Cinema Address: No 13 Fuhuali, Baishi Road, Jiuzhou Street, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai 1. No outside purchased food or drink are allowed in the auditorium. 2. Each ticket admits one person, children over 1.2m tall must hold valid tickets. 3. Smoking and chewing gum are not allowed in the cinema. 4. Tickets are not refundable, […]

Customer Notice

Customer Notice 1. Admit one person only. Please keep ticket stub with you at all time. 2. Tickets are not refundable, can only be used on the date indicated. 3. No smoking in the cinema, not outside purchased food and drinks allowed. 4. Photo taking, video and audio recording are prohibited in the theatre. 5. […]

Warm prompt

Warm prompt 1. Once the ticket is sold caveat emptor 2. Please do not carry pets into locations 3. Photography is strictly forbidden in screens, cameras and recording 4. Each ticket will only be a person, it is strictly prohibited to illegally transfer the ticket 5. Is less than 1.3 meters in height of children […]

To Audience

1. Safety Tips: Please pay attention to safety in public places export. 2. In order to ensure the showing effect and fire safety, smoking prohibited in the cinema. 3. Photo taking, video recording and audio are prohibited in the auditorium. Please put the mobile phone to silent mode. 4. Please take care of your valuables. […]

Customer Notice

1. Each ticket allows one person. 2. child lower than 120cm enjoys free admission. 3. Pet is not allowed in the auditoriums. 4. Photo taking, audio/video recording are prohibited in the auditoriums. 5. Please switch your mobile phone to the silence mode in the auditoriums. 6. No smoking in cinemas hall. 7. Group tickets should […]

China Film Giant Screen

Huafa’s International Film Studios hasgiant film screen, with 22 meters wide giant video screen and 13.1-channel audio, as for the audio-visual experience, it is a leader in South of China. China Film International Cinema Equipped with top-class JBL theater sound system and UK-imported screen, Zhuhai Huafa Mall D-MAX is regarded as the most influential cinema […]