STO Express

sto express Express Envelope Please attach sto express waybill here. Precautions: Prohibited Articles: Cash, marketable securities, gold, pornographic materials, materials threatening the state security, social and political stability, articles specially managed by State Post Bureau of People’s Republic of China, and articles prohibited by state laws and regulations.


RECEIPT FOR EMS ITEM Serial No. Weight Country and city of destination Category of item: Document Article Value Insured Value Payment Cash Cheque Others Pobtage (Yuan) Insurance fee Other fee Total (Yuan) Signature and Stamp of postal office

Receipt for POST Item

NO. of Item Weight Country and City of Destination Category of Item: EMS: Document Parcel Parcel: Domestic International Correspondence: Domestic International Value Insurance amount Charge (Yuan) Insurance fee (Yuan) additional service fee (Yuan) material fee(Yuan) commercial Insurance fee(Yuan) customs examination fee (Yuan) Other fee(Yuan) Signature and Stamp of Postal Office