Self-service Verification

Passengers can use the self-service verification channel with the People’s Republic of China Residence Permit Card or Mainland Residence Permit Card for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents. Others please use the manual verification channel. If you go to HK Westkowloon railway station, please get printed tickets before check-in. Guangzhou South High Speed Railway Station


HONGAI TOURS TRAVEL TICKET FROM TO DATE TIME SEAT NO BUS NO Tour fare By words Departure Point GUEST Name Telephone Date of issue Cashier Note: Keep ticket for check, valid only abouve time, refund 10% change. Do not mend the content of the ticket.


NOTICE FOR USE One ticket per person, valid travel time to 90 minutes When on board, please touch the induction zone on the ticket checking machines. When outbound, please put the card into the ticket recycling machine on the platform for cards collection. Please do not bend, fold and deface tickets.