Aji Durion Cake

Product Name: Aji Brown Sugar Durian Cake

Japanese Flavor


mung bean, sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil, durian (adding quantity 5%), brown sugar (adding quantity 1%), sugared wax gourd, margarine, water, salt, food additives(potassium sorbate, sodium, dehydroacetate)

Alkergan information: contains wheat products. This production line also processed products containing egg products.

Fresh Period: 6 months

Production Date: As Shown On The Package (Y/M/D)

Consignor: Dongguan WeiMon Food Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 20, Wenzhu Erheng Road, Wentang Tingxia Industrial, Dongcheng District, Donguan City

Supervise Producer: WeiMon(HK) Food Co., LTD

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