Before Brewing Tea

1. The inner pot is made of food-grade PC(Polycarbonate) and is temperature-resistant from +137°C to -30°C.

2. The outer pot is made of glass that may be placed in direct fire. The material can tolerate instant temperature differentials up to 150°C.

3. Clean and sterilize the inner pot with boiling water, Do not scrub with hard material such as a hard brush or Scotch-Brite.

4. The outer pot can be scrubbed with a brush or Scotch-Brite, but do not scrub it directly with bare fingers.

5. The entire product can be placed in a pot of boiling water and sterilized for 3 minutes. However please note that the outer pot can break easily if it collides with other surfaces while it is very hot.

6. Before using the product, please press the water-release button to ensure proper up and down operation, When the stainless steel ball is stuck, the water-release button cannot operate properly, if the stainless steel ball becomes stuck, please turn the inner cup, reach in from the bottom, and push the ball gently with your finger until it can move smoothly.

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