Electron go out mosquito small a night lamp


Electron go out mosquito small a night lamp

A. The unit fitting be used for bedroom, drawing room, restaurant, inn, work line, hennery, stock house, and its it a cut need extinguish mosquito de place.

B. At not cover a this go out mosquito utensil lamp house de environment in, single plane usage, effective extinguish strength 16 sq.m.

C. This go out as save energy mosquito utensil is, adornment, hypnotic quiet se ruo light designer, so, must eschew lighting’s strong light’s usage.
Usage whether then right direct affect go out mosquito effect, for example sleep front bedroom not open lamp first use go out mosquito, utensil, come up to suddenly turn off all lighting’s strong light 10-20 minute, or job, study shi ba mie mosquito utensil set free in dark place, all is very effective usage.

D. Suggest 24 hour continuously usage, try the best decrease fluorescent tube de switch’s time, Prolong fluorescent tube e serve life.

E. Be enhance go out mosquito lamp de go out kill strength, should often clean glue mosquito on metal, clean time, first cut power supply, open faceplate, use soft brush clean.

Attention: If this lamp work and have mosquito, please not use hand touch.


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