Yoabo LED Lamp 2 – Instructions and Maintenace

Yoabo touch LED eye protection lamp


1. Thank you for purchasing the LED eye protection lamp, in order to maintain the best use of the state and effect, please read this manual the correct use.

2. Table lamp light level has three gears, the first gear for the low, the second gear for the mid-range, the third tranche of the high-end; you can use different environments different needs to easily adjust the lamp brightness.

3. In use process, when the lamp lights began to dim, said the battery is in low battery condition, in order to protect the battery life, please plug in charging line, desk lamp can be used while charging; each month to charge, charge 3-4 hours at a time, otherwise it will reduce battery life.

Transport and storage:

1. Packaged products are already shipping. Storage process, can not withstand the rain and snow invasion, shall not violent impact and demolition;

2. Do not place the product in high temperature or high humidity storage and use, it is recommended that the lamps in the -10 ~ 50 environment, the relative humidity of 55%.


Do not use direct sunlight, moisture, vibration, rain and corrosive gases, to avoid accidents such as falling lights and leakage.

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