Seasoning of Poached Pork Slices

Place of production: Beijing Changping

Product: seasoning of poached pork slices

Ingredients: edible salt spices, white sugar, fermented soybean, corn starch, food additive (sodium glutamate, red yeast rice powder, capsanthin).


1) Cut pork tenderloin 300g into slices (add 5g cornstarch, 5g cooking wine, stirring them fully), and shred appropriate amount of onions and gingers.

2) Put one package of seasoing of Jideli poached pork slices into a bowl, and add 300ml water, stirring them fully.

3) Tear a round lettuce into pieces, and add edible oil 20g, put them into a deep soup bowl after stirring. (don’t stirring the lettuce too long)

4) Pour 50g of edible oil into the pan and heating, and then add onions, ginger and pork slice, stir-fry them till fragrant.

5) Add seasoning immediately, watering the lettuce with boiled seasoning.

6) Sprinkle some garlic powder, paprika powder, chilli powder on the surface of the bowl, then pouring some boiled deible oil, (This procedure isn’t necessay.)

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