A-One Noodle


Chicken Flavor

Ingredients: Noodles: Wheat flour, refined palm oil, modified tapioca starch (1420), iodine salt, sugar, flavor enhancer:(621), stabilizers:(466), (412), (501i), raising agent: (451i), (500i), disodium succinate (INS 364ii), food coloring: (102), antioxydant (307b).

Seasoning packet: Olein oil, iodine salt, sugar, flavour enhancer: (621, 640, disodium succinate (INS 364ii)), spices (chilli powder, garlic powder, pepper powder), artificial chicken flavor oil (5, 7 g/kg), spices roast chicken flavor powdet(3g/kg), dehydrated vegetables (carrot, seaweed, cabbages), dried green onion, spices powder TE20.

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