Switch (c): Push to open

Reset Button (a): Press down to reset

Dials (b)

The original number is 0-0-0. To set your personal combination, follow these steps:

1. Put the dials at its original numbers0-0-0

2. Pess down the reset button (a) with a tool until hear the “Click” sound.

3. Set your combination by turning the dials (b), for example 8-8-8.

4. Push the switch (c) towards to the direction of arrow and the reset button (a) will be back when you hear the “Click” sound.

Now you have finished to set your personal combination.

Please remember your personal combination by you heart. Please repeat the above steps to reset the numbers.

If the cylinder is opened, pls pay attention to lock it again by turning it to the red dot position by the direction of the arrow (any tool which can be inserted in the cylinder is OK)


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