Sweat-absorbing Insoles


For Ladies’ Shoes

Sweat-absorbing Insoles

Summer Necessities

Please cut this insole according to the size of your shoes.

Women’s insoles spring-summer H


Superior Hygroscopic and Emanative Property

The mesh fabric helps to drop the sweat on the bottom of your foot into the felt layer.
And the felt layer absorbs the moisture and disperse it.

Antibacterial Finishing an Deodorization Characteristics

The antibacterial finishing inhibits the propagation of bacteria on the fabric, and softens the uncomfortable odor of your feet.

Comfortable Cushioning Characteristics

The white felt material’s fine cushioning characteristic will soften the footsoreness.


Please place the flesh-colored fabric side up.
When they are not used, dry them in the shaded area.
More effective way is to use two pairs of insoles alternately.

The size of this insole is L size, so you can use this article by cutting it freely according to the size of your shoes.

When you cut it, please cut the outside of the heat seal line.

L size (6 2/1 ~ 7 2/1)(24.0~25.0)

M size (5 2/1 ~ 6 2/1)(23.0~24.0)

S size (4 2/1 ~ 5 2/1)(22.0~23.0)


Please do not put this article near the fire or a high temperature’s location.

When you feel pain on your foot, stop using this insole immediately.

Do not use for any other purposes.

Please comply with your local government’s regulations when you dispose them.

MATERIALS / Felt, Poly vinylidene chloride, Antibacterial Agents


Produced for DAISO JAPAN


1-4-14 Saijyo Yoshiyukihigashi, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima, 739-8501 JAPAN

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