HARDEN Digital Display Tester


HARDEN Digital Display Tester

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Designed to measure 12-250.V A.C and D.C. directly, as well as measure the ground line, phase line and the break point of the A.C. indirectly.

Votage measurement:

1. The final digits are the measured voltage.

2. If the display can not reach 70% of the high section, it will display the lower section.

3. Touch the negative pole with hand when measure D.C circuit.

4. Use induction pole when measured bodies under 12 volts, charged or not.

5. When induction body is under measure, if must connect to ground or zero.


When measurement is performed on one of the panallet lines, it is necessary to widen them, or press the measured line with your hand so as to eliminate interferce.

Breakpoint detection:

Touch the other pole with hand when measured D.C circuit.


Do not press two poles at the same time while detecting or it won’t display the exact section or the induction will be decreased.

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