Stores a variety of clothing together.

Produced for DAISO JAPAN



A series with simple colors and patterns that can store various articles without harming the image of your room.


1. It is easy to remove and insert due to its larger zipper.

2. It has a clear window allowing you to see what is inside.

3. No mold will grow and it is suitable for storage because this product uses nonwoven fabric, which has excellent ventilation characteristics.

4. Store your valuable articles and protect them from dirt and dust.


1. Due to the nature of the cloth, difference in thickness may occur and may look like stains. This is part of the natural lock of the material, etc.

2. Be sure to store your clothing in a sanitary condition after laundering it.

3. This product may not fit depending on the sizes of the items. Be sure to fully confirm the size of your clothing before purchases.

4. Refrain from washing, ironing and dry cleaning.

5. Be careful as it may break if you pull on it too strongly due to the nature of unwoven fabric.

6. The product may soften or become deformed when exposed to heat or open flame.

7. Use only for intended purpose.

Material: Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, Zinc

Size: Approx. 11.8in. x 23.6in. x 11.8in.

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