on the shelf

on the shoes box

on the side board

it is a wonderful interior item making a table look beautiful.

it let a room upgrade if you put a vase or a bud vase on the top.

commodity size

approx. 17.7 inch. (45cm) x approx. 11.8 inch. (30cm)

Material: Vinyl Cholride Resin


1. Can withstand up to 60 ℃.

2. Please do not use in a side of the fire and the heat source. When you put not kettle or the thing which is higher than heat-resistant temperature directly, there is a threat that it transforms.

3. When severely soiled, wipe clean with neutral detergent tinned with lukewarm water.

4. Do not apply thinner or other volatile fluids.

5. If the odor is strong when first opened, air out in a cool dry location for 24 hours.

6. Please be careful to the needles of the stapler when removing.

7. When you spread it directly on import furniture, the vinyl chloride type paint (the lacquer painting), high-quality furniture, an nature lacquered furniture, there is the case that the painting of the table, please place a piece of cloth in between table.

8. Please do not use it except for original use.


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