Brilliant Inner-Ear Stereo Earpone


approx. 0.13 in.
Stereo mini plug

Please carefully read the instructions on the back before using this product.


This product is only for stereophonic devices. When it is connected to check the device to be connected before use. (This is not a defect or a trouble of the product.)

Please do not use those white you are driving a car, motor bike, bicycle, etc.

Keep the proper volume at which you can hear ambient sound, when you use the product while walking.

Using at high volume may be a bad influence for hearing. Pay enough attention to the volume.

Be careful about the volume so than the sound does not bother other people in public places.

Stop using the product when it does not suit your skin.

To connect or disconnect the plug, do not pull the cable. Hold the plug section securely and insert / pull.

Do not disassemble or remodel the product for your safety.

Do not use in a place of high humidity or where water splashes.

If a quality defect because of our production occurs, we exchange it with the new product. We are not liable for other cases.

Do not use for any other purposes.

Please follow the local rules for rubbish disposal classification or each municipality.


Main body: ABS resin
Earpiece: Silicone
Plug: Copper, Nickel plated
Cable core: Cooper
Cable covering: Vinyl chloride resin

Speaker standards

Driver unit diameter:
Audio frequency band:
Pressure Level:

Produced for DAISO JAPAN



1-4-14 Saijyo Yoshiyukihigashi, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima, 739-8501 JAPAN

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