Net Content: 30ml

Ingredient hydrated grape seed oil, hydrated almond oil, hydrated polyisobutylene, Tocopheryl acetate, Eucalyptus and Yilan.

Features: the brand-new and outstanding energy mix will control the metabolism of water-liquid and improve edema caused by the abnormal metabolism of three organs in quantity, and strengthen the identification of three organs over clear and turbid water-liquid in quality.

By this, it would completely regulate the normal acidity or alkalinity of water-liquid in the body, improve the water-liquid environment upon which cell relies, balance three organs and shower the body!

Input new magic for the body healthy.

Application: take 3ml 3A energy essence oil II and 3ml full-body three-organ comfort essence oil and mix, then massage with professional skill, remove surplus grease with paper without cleaning.

Applicable skin: any skin.

Cautions: consult professional beauty therapist of Bestcare, and avoid contacting with eyes. Prevent the product from children.

Storage: store the product under room temperature and place in cool place to avoid direct sunshine,.

Prohibition: It’s prohibited to use the product during skin infection or damage.

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