Net Content: 30ml

Ingredient hydrated grape seed oil, squalene monoxygenase Polydimethy siloxane fluid, Tocopheryl acetate and sandalwood.

Features: it integrates the natural energy of essence oil, which would improve the organs function, supplement Yuanqi, regulate Yin and Yang, improve the transfer of Jing, Qi and blood in the body and the discharge of toxic wastes.

By this, it would give a comfortable shower for three organs, complete the perfect positive-negative energy transformation in the body and prevent the body from acidification.

In the meantime, it would alleviate the sore in back, shoulder, neck and muscle due to sub-health, balance your mood and release your anxious mood as well as regulate the body.

Application: take 3ml 3A energy essence oil III and 3ml full-body three-organ comfort essence oil and mix, then massage with professional skill, remove surplus grease with paper without cleaning.

Applicable skin: any skin.

Cautions: consult professional beauty therapist of Bestcare, and avoid contacting with eyes. Prevent the product from children.

Storage: store the product under room temperature and place in cool place to avoid direct sunshine,.

Prohibition: It’s prohibited to use the product during skin infection or damage.

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