1. The ATM supports the withdrawal and balance check for all the UnionPay bank cards. The virement and password change are for CRBC card only.

2. The ATM only provides 100RMB notes, the amount of money withdrawn should be integral multiple of 100RMB.

3. When operating on the ATM, please notice whether there are suspicious gadgets in or around the machine. Such as addition in the slot, suspicious notices, micro camera, etc.Please promptly inform us by calling the customer service hotline in the case of abnormalities.

4. Please enter your password swiftly and block keypad out with a hand or your body in case of peeping by person with bad intention.

5. In case of card confiscation or money deduction without dispensing notes, please don’t leave the ATM immediately. Notice the screen reminder and retain the customer slip. Please call the customer service hotline for help once the card confiscation of money deduction without dispensing notes happens.

6. Do not readily trust or dial the phone number on any suspicious notice. Neither telling anybody your bank card password in the phone nor transferring your money to unknown account under the instruction of unreliable person.

7. Keep the ATM customer slips properly or destroy them in time. Do not litter the customer slips. Keep the good habit of checking the account statement regularly. Once there is any unconformity, please do not hesitate contacting us.

24-hour Customer Service Hotline: 96588 (Please dial 0756 first if you are not in Guangdong)

UnionPay Customer Service Hotline: 95516

CRBC Website:

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