Some Tourist Celebrations and Festivals in Hangzhou

Name Date Venue

1. Buddhist cultural activities on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve(Luna Calendar), Lingyi Temple, Faxi Temple (Dharma Happiness Temple)

2. Lantern Festival, Around the Lantern Day of Lunar Calendar, Hangzhou

3. Xixi Plum Blossom Festival, Feb-March, Xixi National Wetland Park

4. West lake Boat Festival, April, The West Lake

5. Crossing Qiantang River, July, Qiantang River 9near Fuxing Bridge)

6. Song Dynasty Town Water-splashing Festival, July-August, Cultural Square, Song Dynasty Town scenic area

7. West Lake Osmanthus Festival, Sept.-Oct., Sweet Osmanthus Rain, Manjuelong Village, Hangzhou Botanic Garden

8. Grand Canal Culture and Art Festival, Oct., Gongshu District

9. Hangzhou (Int’l) Silk and Fashion Week, Oct., china Silk Town

10. AEMI Int’l Clown Camival, Oct., Hangzhou

11. Wushan Temple Fair, Oct., Hefang Street

12. West Lake Art Expo, Nov., Hangzhou

13. West Lake Beer Festival, Entire Oct., West Lake New World

14. West Lake Int’l Marathon, Nov., Hangzhou

15. New Year Bell Ringing Activity at Jingci Temple, Dec., 31, Jingci Temple

16. New Year Concert, At the night of Dec. 31, Hangzhou Grand Opera House, Hangzhou Red Star Theatre

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