7 Security Features of RMB

The 2015 Edition 100 Yuan Note of the Fifth Services of RMB Notes: Security Features

1. Optical variable demetalized windowed security thread

The thread is on the right side of the obverse side. Viewing the note vertically, the thread appears magenta and turns green when the viewing angle changes. The demetalized characters “¥” and “100” on the thread become visible when viewed against the light.

2. Numeral in OVMI

The denomination numeral “100” is printed in the middle of the obverse side. The numeral is golden in color when viewed at a vertical angle, but turns green when viewed at a horizontal angle. The color of the numeral changes from golden to green when the viewing is shifted from a vertical to a horizontal angle, with a shining bar moving up and down.

3. Portrait watermark

The portrait watermark is in the blank area on the left of the obverse side. When the note is held against the light, a portrait of Mao Zedong becomes visible.

4. See-through register

A see-through register “100” is printed at the lower left corner on the obverse side and at the lower right corner on the reverse side. When held against the light, the partial patterns on the obverse and reverse sides combine to form the numeral “100” its entirety.

5. Horizontal and vertical serial numbers

The horizontal serial number is at the lower left on the obverse side. The serial number begins with two letters, followed by eight digits. The two letters and first two digits, of the horizontal number are printed in dark red and the next six digits in black. The vertical serial number is printed in blue at the right side.

6. Highlight watermark

A highlight watermark of the denomination numeral “100” can be seen below the horizontal serial number on the obverse side when the note is held against the light.

7. Intaglio image

The portrait of Mao Zedong, the issuer’s title, i.e. People’s Bank o China, the denomination numeral on the upper right corner and the issuer’s title in Braille on the obverse side, as well the Great Hall of the People on the reverse side are intaglio printed. The intaglio print can be elt with fingertips.

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