Jinjing Hot Spring Services

1. Commercial Meeting Jinjiang hot spring owns more than 10 kinds of meeting rooms and 1 between theatre, a meeting room equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment and high-speed internet access and can meet various scale conference. 2. Restaurant Service Jinjiang hot spring restaurant built a banquet hall, luxurious cabins, a farmhouse restaurant, food stalls, etc, […]

Lodging in Jinjiang Hot Spring

1. Hot spring hotel According to the national four-star standard construction, decorate concise, elegant surroundings. Hot spring pools, chess and card room, playroom, sports stadium, such as internet cafes complete function. 2. European-style villa Western style villas, greening beauty, good environment and each villa are all equipped with hot spring pools, comfortable and clinking, it […]

Jinjiang several hot spring

Jinjiang Hot Spring Ourdoor Hot Spring Indoor Hot Spring Indoor hot spring is jinjiang hot spring features of products, it has h health pool, the waterfall pool, pool, ore pool, SPA, etc, main functions of a health care, hairdressing, etc, deeply tourists like. Health Hot Spring Health is a hot spring area with beautiful environment, […]


JINJIANG HOT SPRING Datian, Enping, Guangdong Jinjiang hot spring is located in China’s Guangdong Enping City datian. For natural geothermal hot springs, develops more than 50 different characteristics of the hot spring pools. Hot spring water 70. Good water quality. Rich in dozens of kinds of human health benefits of trace minerals elements. Healthcare value […]