Lodging in Jinjiang Hot Spring


1. Hot spring hotel

According to the national four-star standard construction, decorate concise, elegant surroundings.

Hot spring pools, chess and card room, playroom, sports stadium, such as internet cafes complete function.

2. European-style villa

Western style villas, greening beauty, good environment and each villa are all equipped with hot spring pools, comfortable and clinking, it is people holiday ideal choice.

3. Luxurious villa

Super luxury villas. Have luxury rooms, outdoor hot spring pools.

Slate pool, parking space, reading room, kitchen facilities. Is a family holiday, business reception of good places.

4. Junxilou spa guest room

5 star international hot spring rooms, broad space, decorate luxurious, room equipped with hot spring pools, distance outdoor hot spring area recently.

5. Wooden Villas

Wooden villas, surrounded by green trees, warm and romantic, surrounded with personal use hot spring pools, parking space, room is equipped with broadband internet access the compute, space secluded and yourself to enjoy, status outstanding, and Private Hot Spring Pool.

We just hope to create a small private home for you.


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