Direction of Zhoujunji

1. Stir cool dishes and noodle: mix a bag of seasoning with 250g noodle or vegetable & meat, stir well and serve. 2. Stir soup-noodle: cook 100-150g flour and 100g vegetable well, add seasoning, stir well and serve. Ingredients: bean sauce, vegetable oil, chili, ginger, garlic, salt, soybean sauce, peanut, MSG, cooking wine, sugar, pepper, […]

Brife Introduction of Chongqing Zhoujunji

Mixing-dish Fragrance Condiment The Mixing-dish Fragrance Condiment takes green materials from “No Harm Raw Material Base” adopts the essence of fields, and collects relish elites of Chuan & You dish, which develop by Chongqing Zhoujunji Hotpot Food Co., Ltd. As a flavoring with special feature, the product has strong tasty flavor, moderate spiciness, bright in […]