Deposit Receipt

CHINA GUANGFA BANK Date: Card/Account Number: Account Name: Currency: Deposit Amount: Interest Rate: Deposit Duration: Business Type: Operation Teller: Information for Clients 1. The priciles, which are voluntary deposits, free withdrawals, interest-bearing for deposit and keeping privacy for depositors, are throughout our savings business. 2. Real name should be adopted for opening savings account, please […]


CHINA CITIC BANK CUSTOMER ADVICE 95558 National wide customer service hotline: Card No. Amount Acquirer No. Transfer Account No. Deposit Withdrawal Transfer Completion Code Response No. Card Retained Retrieval Ref. No. Trans Ref. No. Date and Time ATM ID 1. Deposits will be credited to your account after verification by the Bank Cheques although passed […]


SHANGHAI PUDONG DEVELOPMENT BANK SPD BANK ATM CUSTOMER ADVICE Date And Time Acquired Number ATM ID Card No. Capture Code Transferee Card No. Commission Trans Amount Trans Type Deposit Denominations 50 piece 100 piece Retrieval Refer Num Trans Refer No Resp Num Outcome Note In case of any abnormal transaction, please retain this Customer Advice […]


CHINA MINSHENG BANKING CORP., LTD CUSTOMER ADVICE Date And Time ATM ID Transaction Type Card Number Account Type Account Number Branch No. Transaction Amount Trace Number Transfer to Reference Card Retained Commission Please Contact Bank 1. If you have any question or your card retained, please contact bank with this receipt and your ID card. […]


TSA LOCK TSA-Accepted Luggage Locks 1. Ideal for air travl features the TSA- recognized Travel Sentry logo 2. Allows airport screeners to unlock, inspect and relock bags, without damaging the lock 3. For more information on the Travel Sentry Approved override system, please visit TRAVEL SENTRY APPROVED


INSTRUCTIONS Switch (c): Push to open Reset Button (a): Press down to reset Dials (b) The original number is 0-0-0. To set your personal combination, follow these steps: 1. Put the dials at its original numbers0-0-0 2. Pess down the reset button (a) with a tool until hear the “Click” sound. 3. Set your combination […]

Jing Hai External Case

2.5″ HDD EXTERNAL CASE 1. Human nature design, easy installation 2. Driverless (except of win98) 3. Super slim and easy portability 4. The maximum support capacity 3000GB 5. Supports Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 6. Supports Mac OS8.6 or latest version 7. Supports Windows Vista 32/64 MADE IN CHINA

NOME Policy – Bag – Introductions

Introductions (Maintenance) 1. In order to extend service life of backpack, if is recommended that the load of backpacks shall not exceed 3 Kg and 2 Kg for shoulder bags/sling bags/handbags. 2. Avoid pulling the straps or shaking the backpack when it is fully loaded. 3. Avoid contact with sharp objects or filling with corrosive […]