Dehumidifying agent (For bedclothes, cushion)


Standard Absorption
Volume: 48ml

2.82 oz. into a sheet

The effective period:
Approximately six months

Recommended Volume:
1 seat(2.82oz) for three cushion
1 seat(2.82oz) for One bedclothes

Dehumidify, Deodorize, Prevent mildew


This product is made from natural minerals.
Due to its high absorbency, moisture will not be released after absorbing humidity.
The special minerals absorb both humidity and odors.
The dehumidifying agent is made of natural minerals so the contents can be harmlessly disposed of as soil after use.

Produced for DAISO Japan
Made in Korea

Ingredients:: Dolomite, Vermiculite, Zeolite
Volume: approx. 2.82oz. x 1 sheet
Size: approx. 5.7X12.99in.

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