Use and Caution of Dehumidifying agent


1 sheet for three cushion
1 sheet for One bedclothes
Adjust the number used depending on the humidity conditions.


Lasts six months from opening.
The effective period varies to some degree depending on the temperature and humidity.


Approximately 48ml 1 sheet (2.82oz.) (in 25℃ with 90% humidity).


Be sure to read the following before use. Store these instruction during use.

1. This product is not edible.
2. Keep out of reach of children.
3. Do not open the packaging before use or remove the contents.
4. Should the contents enter eyes or mouth, wash out with water immediately and consult with a physician.
5. Avoid drying with a microwave or direct flame such as with an iron, heater or stove.
6. If the contents are not likely to be used as soil after use please dispose of as non-burnable garbage.
7. Life span changes slightly according to temperature and ventilation.
8. Keep this explanatory sheet for future reference.
9. Do not use it for anything other than its original purpose.
10. When disposing follow the rules of waste disposal of your local authority.

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