Use and Caution of Dehumidifying agent

RECOMMENDED VOLUME 1 sheet for three cushion 1 sheet for One bedclothes Adjust the number used depending on the humidity conditions. RECOMMENDED PERIOD Lasts six months from opening. The effective period varies to some degree depending on the temperature and humidity. STANDARD ABSORPTION VOLUME Approximately 48ml 1 sheet (2.82oz.) (in 25℃ with 90% humidity). CAUTION […]

Dehumidifying agent (For bedclothes, cushion)

Standard Absorption Volume: 48ml approximately 2.82 oz. into a sheet The effective period: Approximately six months Recommended Volume: 1 seat(2.82oz) for three cushion 1 seat(2.82oz) for One bedclothes Dehumidify, Deodorize, Prevent mildew FEATURES: This product is made from natural minerals. Due to its high absorbency, moisture will not be released after absorbing humidity. The special […]