Thai Hom Mali Rice

Tai Liang Wang Thai Him Mali Rice VACUUM TREATED + NITROGEN FILLED ORIGINATED IN THAILAND  DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN TRADE 1. Add 1 cup of rice (175 grams) and rinse twice. 2. Add (1.2 new crop, 1.5 old crop) of water (270 grams, 338 grams) 3. Cover the rice cooker and turn it on. 4. When […]

Cooking Style Of The Cambodian Rice

CAMBODIAN JASMINE RICE COOKING 1. Electric Cooker 1) Add 1 cup of rice with 1.2-1.3 cups o water into the electric cooker, more or less water subject to our preference, add more if softening rice is preferred. 2) The rice would be ready to serve 10 minutes after the power cut. 2. Western Style 1) […]


There is archeological evidence to show that the inhabitants of parts of the region which is now known as Cambodia were practising simplistic Neolithic crop growing and stock rearing by the first and second centuries B.C. But by the first century A.D., the peoples who had settled there (believed to have migrated from southeastern China) […]


XIXI FENGFENG RICE Gloriously NO ADDED UNDOPED THERE IS NO RE-WORK Exporters: Ka Hing (Cambodia) Investment Co., Ltd Address: No. 64, Street 255, Sangkat Beung Salang, Khan Toul Kork Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: Fax: Packed by: Ka Hing (Cambodia) Investment Co., Ltd. Stored in: Ka Hing (Cambodia) Investment Co., Ltd Place of Production: Battambang Province […]